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Double Glazed Units & Single Glazed Glass

At Chelsea Glass we offer an extensive range of single glazed glass and high quality double glazed sealed units. We have a wide assortment of single glazing glass including obscured, clear and safety glasses. The sheer volume of choice means you can tailor your needs to any design or requirement.

Our double glazed units can be created using low E glass instead of regular glass. Low E glass varies from normal clear glass in that one side of the glass has a special metal coating known as a low emissivity coating, the design of the units means they have many benefits in that the glass contributes to keeping your home insulated therefore reducing your fuel bills. Low E units are known for being the most efficient and easily installable double glazed units in the market.

In addition to this we also offer argon/krypton/xenon filled units which introduce a non-toxic, odourless gas into the cavity of the units improving the thermal insulation from ordinary units by around 50%.

We also offer a silmlite unit which reduces the overall thickness of the unit to 12mm as opposed to standard double glazed units with a minimum 14mm thickness, krypton and xenon gases are used to provide the best insulation in small cavities which provide the best results therefore making it ideal for customers who require a slimmer unit for a smaller rebate.

All our double glazed units are available in toughened glass, this is a safety glass which conforms to current stipulation, BS6206.

Toughened Safety glass is 5 times stronger than normal glass, it is desirable and is ideal for vulnerable ground, first floor installations, conservatories and many more as on impact the glass disintegrates into granular pieces which are not sharp which makes toughened units considerably safer.

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